At Firestop Ltd we provide a service of the highest quality which is tailored specifically to the clients’ individual needs. We understand that your requirements may change and are proud to operate an effective and open service with the flexibility to meet your demands.

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Advice & Guidance – At Firestop Ltd we have established a skilled team of staff with knowledge and experience of every aspect of Fire Prevention. From planning, construction and maintenance, small scale private work to large scale corporate projects we can cater for any project. Let us guide you through the range of options that will meet your needs.

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Tenders & Quotes – We accept Tenders from any source. Our management team at Firestop Ltd will take the time to assess your specific requirements and provide you with the Quotation to match them. Each Quotation is based on products, materials and manpower sourced from reliable and reputable suppliers and contractors ensuring that you get the quality of service you need.

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Site Advisory Service – FREE Site Surveys & Quotations - As part of personally tailored service, we will send a member of our skilled management team to meet you on-site and discuss your needs. We will make a thorough Site Survey and provide a personal consultation Free. We will even take care of the ‘red tape’ in your project, making contacts and arrangements with officials, councils, etc to ensure all legal requirements are met. We can also provide a thorough Risk Assessment as part of this service.

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Supply & Installation – At Firestop Ltd we can take care of the supply and installation of any products in our extensive range. We can supply and install all types of fire containment technology for ceilings and partitions whether they are upgrade or newly constructed. Upgrades to existing doors (including Victorian panelled) and new bespoke FD30 doors and shutters. Firestop Ltd has large range of passive and structural fire protection systems, fire alarms, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers and way finding signage. Any number of products that you require from our range of established and reputable suppliers. We also provide a full Maintenance service to ensure your systems work at peak performance.

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Maintenance Service – Firestop Ltd will be happy to service any equipment you already have even if it wasn’t supplied by us. We will ensure the full working order of your Fire Prevention Systems and ensure effective operation. You can also take advantage of our Advice & Guidance service to save you time and money dealing with your future Fire Prevention needs. For more, contact us.

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On-Site Solutions – Have you experienced problems with previous Fire Prevention Systems or Installations? Is your current system out of date or need an overhaul?

Don’t worry. At Firestop Ltd we can provide the On-Site Solutions Service. Our Skilled management team will make a professional assessment of your needs and present you with the options you need to solve your Fire Prevention problems. We will enhance and upgrade your existing systems to ensure all legal requirements are met as well your budget. Why not take advantage of our Advice & Guidance and Maintenance services to make sure that your Fire Prevention system stays effective.

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Size and Scale - We can provide all of the above services at any size and scale. From a single Fire Extinguisher to a full Fire Prevention System, we can meet the smallest and the largest needs of our clients. No matter what the job, each one gets the same level of care, professionalism and attention to detail that is required to achieve the highest standards.

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Project Management – Visit our Project Management page to discover how we can fully manage your projects and complete them to the highest standards of care and excellence.

If you want any further information on any of our Services or have any requirements not covered so far, then don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Our staff have the skill, experience and flexibility to meet widest range of requirements. See our contact us page for more details.

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